Touch Massage

60min  |  $95

The Aroma Touch Technique is the combination of eight essential oils applied along the spine and feet. This technique is proven to achieve reduction of stress, enhancement of the immune system, reduction of inflammatory responses and improves calmness in the mind and body.

Back Massage


Holistic Therapy

45min  |  $75

Energy is channelled to activate the natural healing processes in an effort to restore physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing, balance and harmony.



30min  |  $50

A gentle, relaxing treatment to clear the ear canals of accumulated debris and stimulate the flow of energy to the entire head area. It's an excellent therapy for relieving conditions affecting the head and ear area such as: sinus congestion, glue or swimmers ear, ringing ears (tinnitus), hearing problems, age related deafness, flying discomfort and excessive ear wax.

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Assorted Medicine


+ Chinese Herbal Medicine

with Alaa Obaidi
Traditional Chinese medicine is a health system originating out of Chinese civilisation which reflects upon health and disease on a macroscopic scale. In assessment of the patient, consideration is given to tangible signs visible to the practitioner, but also to the many symptoms experienced exclusively through the body and mind of the subject. An emphasis on balance is garnished by five element philosophy. The external natural environment in general has provided an ongoing source for understanding of internal phenomena within the body for traditional Chinese medical theory. 

Initial Consultation   approx. 90min  |  $95

Follow up Consultation  |  approx. 60min  |  $70

Chinese Herbs (when prescribed) incur an additional charge.

Available Wednesdays



with Energy Practitioner Kerrie Graham

from Balanced Flow

This gentle yet dynamic healing modality works to clear, repair and balance the body's energy systems to enhance health and to release stress and disease.​ Whether you want to feel more energised and motivated, clear overwhelm and resistance, gain clarity and perspective or ease pain and illness; working with an energy practitioner is the fastest way to get unstuck.

Energy Rebalancing impacts the energetic systems of the body to promote healing. It treats the whole person, body, mind and spirit to achieve balance and restore optimal health.

Access Bars therapy is a hands on healing process. There are 32 energy centres or Bars that run through and around your head that connect to different aspects of your life. Touching and activating these points using acupressure allows the electrical charge created by thoughts, ideas, beliefs, feelings, emotions and judgements to be released. This process removes barriers, limitations and stuck energy from the mind and body. You change the energy, you change how that part of your life shows up.  Having your Bars run brings a sense of peace and ease into our busy and often crazy lives and opens us up to receiving more clarity and awareness.

allow 60 - 90 mins  |  $100

Head Massage