Our relaxation massage promotes general relaxation and wellness. Reducing stress, anxiety, increasing immune system and healing to stimulate your bodies lymphatic and circulatory systems using a sequence of rhythmic movements and gentle pressure.

* Also available for pregnancy (from 12 weeks+) utilising a specialised massage table designed for the baby belly.  


allow 45 min


A relaxing back of the body massage, including neck and scalp.


allow 60 min


Make way for a more healthy and relaxed mind and body with this full body relaxation massage.


allow 90 min


For the ultimate in relaxation massage, take the time to immerse yourself in a full body relaxation massage


Our experienced therapists use a combination of firm pressure and a variety of advanced deep tissue massage techniques. The focus is on relieving areas of tightness and tension that may be causing restriction in movement, pain or inflammation, and to promote muscle relaxation.

allow 45 min

allow 60 min




Feel the stress and tension leave your body as heated basalt stones are gently placed then massaged over your body. The heat of the stones penetrates the deeper layers of your muscles allowing total relaxation..

allow 90 min


Extend your treatment to a full body massage to fully appreciate your Hot Stones journey.

allow 60 min


Back of Body finishing with neck and scalp.


allow 30 min


Indian Head Massage is an ancient Massage that has been passed down through the generations. It is a beautifully relaxing massage that targets all the places we hold the most tension – the head, neck, and shoulders. Gentle and relaxing you will be whisked away to a relaxing inner landscape and return at the end feeling light, relaxed and energized. A truly tranquil experience for those who need a break from the merry-go-round.


allow 45 min


Scrub away the world and soothe your soul with our Sole Remedy. Immerse your feet in our mineral soak as we exfoliate your feet and lower legs to reveal brighter, smoother skin. Then lie back and savour a luxurious foot and lower leg massage.
A simply divine way to relax and unwind.