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Take the frustration out of making your lashes stick! With this first of its kind magnet infused adhesive eyeliner, it'll revolutionise the way you apply false lashes FOREVER! No more irritating lash glues and no more lashes falling off your face. 

Getting the perfect flick has never been easier! Featuring an ultra-fine tip that allows you to hug the lash line and create extreme drama and precise definition in only a few seconds. This smudge-proof, waterproof, sweat-proof and highly pigmented liquid formula will last from dawn till dusk. Bye-bye panda eyes!

The innovative and quick-drying formula is perfect for everyday wear or for a big night out. It's oil-free, unlike other brands and that means you won't need messy and irritating oil cleansers to scrub the eyeliner off. All it takes to remove the eyeliner, is your regular face cleanser and water. Simple! 

Containing safe, compliant and high-quality ingredients, this hybrid magnetic and adhesive eyeliner has been approved by our resident cosmetic chemist, pharmacist and naturopath. We only want the best for you and after using this, you will never look back! 


• An innovative world first hybrid magnetic eyeliner!

• Decisions are hard and you’ll never have to choose between an adhesive bond liner or a magnetic eyeliner ever again. We’re the best of both worlds and we’re all about making your lash-life easy!

• Re-attach or adjust your lashes in a flash. You can even switch up lashes’ multiple times in the one day with a quick touch-up! 

• Smudge-proof, waterproof and sweat-proof for fabulous, windproof lashes.

• An oil-free and easy to remove eyeliner formula using just your regular cleanser and water or make-up remover, if you want to. No irritating oil cleansers required.

• Approved by our expert cosmetic chemist and pharmacist to be compliant with Australian safety and quality standards.

• Latex-free, Paraben-free, Formaldehyde-free and non-toxic formula. It’s the cleanest and greenest ingredient list out there.

• 100% vegan and animal-cruelty free.

Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner - Black or Brown

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